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For coffee with the owner

Text: Kateřina Misiarzová

During March and June, further informal staff meetings were held with the owner of our printing house. Jaroslav Drahoš visited sheet folding workplace (FINIDR A) and the digital print of the book edges department (FINIDR B).

The discussion over good coffee and refreshments was held in a pleasant atmosphere. As these informal meetings allow employees to ask the owner any question, suggestion or comment, areas of both strategic nature and operational, non-work-related and atmosphere-related matters were discussed. Many questions came in advance, but of course, as at every “coffee meeting”, questions were also asked on the spot during the discussion.

Interesting areas and suggestions emerged from the meeting. After a week, Mr Drahoš met again with the heads of these departments and briefed them on the way forward and how to address key issues and proposals.

And how do the employees themselves evaluate these informal meetings? What do they appreciate most from the meetings?

– That the owner took the time to sit down with people and talk openly with them.

– So frankly that’s all, nice atmosphere and detailed information.

– Openness, communication strategy for our workplace.

– Authenticity and the opportunity to learn directly how the company is doing.

– Family atmosphere, I would say.

– Pleasant communication with the owner.

– Explanation of our questions and honesty of the owner.

– The owner’s contact directly with the engineers, the pleasant atmosphere and answering our questions.

– The openness and the fact that these meetings are carried out by the owner.


What was the most beneficial for the participants?

– Discussing our questions in detail and outlining the company’s strategy – everything is clear and readable.

– The answers to our questions, the whole format of the meeting is a very good idea.

– clear signal towards the employees that we are going to improve and we are here for them.

– Everything had its importance and benefit. I appreciate it very positively.

– I’m a new here. Every piece of information was valuable to me.

– Questions and problem solving directly with the owner.

– Ability to communicate with the owner directly.

– The importance of the department to FINIDR.

– Understandable explanation of the issues and problems discussed by Mr. Drahos.


And we thank you very much for your ideas, openness and nice atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you at the next department.


Why “For coffee”?


  • we are still growing and from a small printing company with 19 employees, we have become one of the largest printing companies in Europe with an international reach and more than 600 Finidraks.
  • I still want to maintain the atmosphere of a family business despite our size. I used to really know every employee, now it’s almost impossible.
  • with a good coffee and an informal atmosphere, discussions are better and interesting ideas come up.
  • I am interested in your opinions and suggestions.
  • I want you to have information directly from the source.
  • we are an open society and we need to discuss the issues that burn us together and openly.
  • I don’t want important issues to go unaddressed and potential problems covered up.
  • I want to personally answer your questions or concerns related to our strategy and look for ways to personally involve each of you.
  • want to share with you my thoughts, key news or explain the steps we are taking and planning at FINIDR.