25. 10. 2008

This year, from the 15th to 19th October, German Frankfurt am Main became the centre of book and printing branches. It is indispensable for Finidr, the biggest Czech printing works, to participate at this most prestigious as well as the world biggest book fair, „Frankfurter Buch Messe”.

This has been the second time that we have had our own stall presenting our printing works, placed in the large hall among the stalls of other printing houses. We correctly assumed that having an independent stall was a much better solution than sharing a place with other printing houses at the Czech Republic Stall. Our stall became a frequent destiny of the current business partners, potential clients, publishers and suppliers.

Our business team has done a lot of sales talk in order to secure further fertile years of cooperation with our current as well as potential clients, and this should have an impact on scaling up the production capacity and also on the satisfaction of all the employees. The business team, led by Mr. Součková, the Commercial Director, will do their best to attain the goal. The fair in Frankfurt truly is a gigantic enterprise, and the following numbers and data illustrate well its enormous scope.

There were 7373 exhibitors present from many countries all over the world. The fair premises comprise seven huge exhibition halls, and majority of them consist of two or tree floors. The total number of the fair visitors (the general public) is, according to the statistics, colossal and exceeds 300 thousand people. Our printing works was represented by the above mentioned Commercial Director, Anna Součková, as well as executives Marian Bolek, Romuald Siwek, Pawel Twardzik, Josef Puczok, Vladimír Ponča and Sylvie Lýsková.

At present the business team focuses on fostering and promoting business contacts in order to make most of the effort invested in the fair.