Carbon footprint management

We have been actively decreasing our carbon footprint due to a management plan which defines our commitment to measure, monitor and decrease the carbon footprint. We aim to use this plan to decrease our impact on the environment in long term. The plan includes procedures aimed at managing carbon footprint, decreasing CO2 emissions and achieving our objectives in the planned period. We are determined to meet our ambitious goals!

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We use green energy to produce your books

We feel responsible for the place where our business is located. The natural environment and our respect for it are therefore very important for us.

We have been taking a number of steps towards preserving our environment, including purchasing ‘green’ electricity – generated from renewable resources. We started to purchase such electricity in January 2016 and it comprises almost 100 per cent of our consumption now (2016 – 2023). We have contracted for its use until 2024 and 100 % of our electricity will be generated from renewable resources.

Our long-term aim is to maintain the 100 per cent share of green energies in years to come too.

Planting trees

Sustainable development and social responsibility are still priority issues for FINIDR. Every year, we compensate for the environmental impact caused by our activities.

Just like in past years, we are continuing to fulfil our commitment this year – for each completed order this year, we will plant one new tree. They will be planted in the spring and autumn when there are the best conditions for planting young trees under the guarantee of a selected non-profit organisation.

Books with zero carbon footprint

We have worked hard to decrease our carbon footprint. We obtained Carbon Footprint Management certificate, which allows us to offer carbon neutral products – i.e. products with zero carbon footprint.

We purchase CO2 neutral machines

Reduction and elimination of CO2 emissions is very important to our environment-oriented printing house. Our investments in technology are therefore focused on the purchase of machines that can be identified as carbon neutral. Our recent acquisitions comprise e.g. Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8-P and Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 75-5 new generation printing machines (purchased in 2020), Heidelberg Stahlfolder CC 41 and Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH-82-P folding machines or CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter platesetter (purchased also in 2020).

The Heidelberg company is a pioneer in this field: by means of a climate protection project implemented in Togo in West Africa, the company supports forestation of an untouched region which is exposed to erosion and desertification. In practice, the forestation process means that a mixed forest consisting of purely native woody species will be planted in a protected natural area of 1.000 hectares. This allows to establish an autoregulatory ecosystem and we are glad to be part of this initiative.

We produce books from responsibly managed forest resources

Since 2008 we have been involved in FSC® certification system. Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-profit-making organisation that was established in 1993 to give support to responsible forest stewardship and to create a certification system as a tool for monitoring the origin of wood from logging, processing, up to the final product – e.g. furniture, paper and paper products.

We are happy to produce a book according to FSC certificate which ensures that the material in it are made from sustainable forests with an audited and certified origin for the wood fibre used.

We are a green company

Our printing house has actively joined the unique „Green Company“ project. Within the project we ensure the ecological waste management of our company’s electric appliances and batteries. We also enable our staff to dispose of old appliances by means of a waste collection point, which contributes considerably to protecting the environment, natural resources and human health.

We reduce the impact of CO2 emissions by means of CCS fuel cards

We have joined the Clean Advantage programme of CCS and GreenPrint, which provide CCS card holders with the advantage of compensating CO2 emissions created by their vehicle fleet. By means of this programme we support projects focused on natural environment, such as reforestation, use of alternative energies, landfill restoration, ensuring natural habitat for wild animals, etc. Will you join too? For more information, visit Clean Advantage.