Black-and-white printing

Precise black-and-white printing of demanding publications is performed on top-quality offset Heidelberg machines.

Economical black-and-white printing is done by quality rotary machines VariQuick and two Zirkon Forta machines.

VariQuick is able to print on 720 mm rolls, Forta Zirkon machines use 620 mm rolls.

Colour printing

Colour printing of books and other printed materials is performed on HEIDELBERG machines which provide enough capacity and top quality.

The very top of our machinery is represented by two 8-colour HEIDELBERG SpeedMaster XL-106 machines. One of them is equipped with roll sheeter and Cut Star, which enables us to print not only on sheets by speed 18 000 sheets per hour, but on rolls too. Colour stability of printed images is checked by spectrophotometrical Inpress Control counter, which evaluates both the colours of the measurement range and the colours of the entire sheet.

Covers and dust jackets are printed on HEIDELBERG 5-colour machine; its fifth printing unit allows either the fifth special colour or dispersed varnish to be printed at one go. We also own two HEIDELBERG sheet fed offset machines for colour printing.

We think green

We are not indifferent to our environment. The books are indeed made of paper and paper is made from trees, but we ensure that they are made from responsibly managed forest resources. We also use eco-friendly energy from renewable sources to produce all our books and we actively reduce our carbon footprint.

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