Everyone should take responsibility for their actions and do so in an ethical manner. Unfortunately, it is not in the power and ability of this ethical codex to anticipate every possible situation employees may come across.

This codex is an ethical superstructure of labour code, conditions of employment and internal rules. The ethical codex includes recommendations and important points which represent the morals and responsibility of our company and employees in everyday life.

Our goal in FINIDR, Ltd., (hereinafter FINIDR) is to fulfil the set strategy and the principles of fair-play, and to prosper. The ethical codex also includes FINIDR’s expectations concerning the employees’ behaviour towards the company, other employees and business partners.

The ethical codex applies to all employees of FINIDR and is binding irrespective of the type of employment contract.

The codex represents the commitment of FINIDR to do business honestly and to fulfil the company’s goals.

Working for FINIDR, we agree to follow the rules of this ethical codex and we do not tolerate its violations.

“So often innovation occurs at the interface between disciplines. That’s why innovation and collaboration frequently go hand in hand. I will be offering various ways of promoting innovation and supplying a steady stream of video materials and blog pieces to promote innovative thinking and discussion.” (Ian McDermott)

Table of contents 

I. About us – our vision, strategy, goals, values and social responsibility

II. Customers come first

III. Relationships within the company and loyalty

IV. Economical handling with company’s property

V. Being pro-active

VI. Avoiding conflicts of interest


FINIDR is 100% Czech printing house. We belong to the biggest printing houses in Central Europe. We offer professional services since 1994.

We create Team FINIDR – team of pro-active, honest and kind people


We lead our brand to be one of the best companies within the industry in the world


At each position is employee comparable with the best in Europe
Top quality printing and always on time
Expansion of service portfolio and improvement of manufacturing processes
Self-improvement and training centre
Think positively, work professionally and enjoy work

  • GOAL

Our goal is content customer who always comes back and recommends our company
Our goal is confident, motivated, independent and responsible employee


Kindness * Trust * Responsibility * Mutual respect * Honesty * Positive thinking * Pro-activeness


Having responsible attitude towards environment and natural resources
Having responsible and trustworthy attitude towards our clients
Pro-active involvement in socially beneficial activities and charity events
Care about employees, their health and safety
Follow the rules of safe work
Fulfil the duties towards the state, city and our region

“Trust happens when you are transparent, candid, and keep your word.” (Jack Welch)


  • Customer requirements are the top priority for the company’s strategy
  • The customer is the centrepiece of our efforts and attention
  • We value and build long-term relationships with our customers
  • Our clients are both customers and internal associates
  • We understand that our client is part of the team and has his/her own needs and requirements
  • We can serve even the most demanding customer, it gives us the opportunity to learn and improve
  • We act professionally
  • We look for the best methods to do the best quality job we can and within the agreed deadline
  • We are confidential about our clients and their personal data in accordance with the law
  • There are no small customers

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” (Sam Walton)


  • We are loyal towards the company and one another
  • We should share company’s accomplishments not failures
  • We do not share confidential information and company’s know-how
  • We act responsibly
  • We build mutual respect and value one another’s work
  • We set the example and are unified
  • We help colleagues if needed

“Nothing is more confusing than people who give good advice but set a bad example.” (Norman Vincent Peale)


  • All properties and services owned by FINIDR are intended to support the business and production
  • We act and work with the best intentions towards FINIDR and do not misuse company’s property (tangible and intangible)
  • We protect company’s property
  • We do not tolerate wasteful and intolerable attitude towards company’s property and potential defects

“Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)V. MÁME AKTIVNÍ PŘÍSTUP


  • We actively solve own tasks and finish projects
  • We meet the deadlines in the right quality
  • We are innovative and offer the best solution
  • We are responsible for our decisions
  • We reach the goals by working as a team
  • We look for self-improvement

“If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.“ (Zig Ziglar)


  • We avoid situations of potential conflict of interest and business interests
  • We refuse any negotiation that could compromise our impartiality in decision making on matters of our clients or suppliers
  • We do not accept or seek gifts and attention, which could result in impartiality or could cause actions against the interests of our company
  • In the case of uncertainty we turn to senior manager

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” (Buddha)