Sustainable development and social responsibility are still priority issues for FINIDR. Every year, we compensate the impact on the environment by our activities.

Just like in the past years, we also continue to fulfil our commitment this year - for each completed order this year, we will plant one new tree. Planting will take place in spring and autumn under the guarantee of a selected non-profit organization, when there are the best conditions for planting young trees.

Since 2021, we have been planting one new tree for each order.
Together, we have already planted:

We care about the future

Forests are believed to be the lungs of the planet we live on. Literally. E.g. one 100-year-old and 25-metre high beech is able to produce approximately 1000 liters of oxygen per day. This is the amount three people need for one day.

Did you know that every tree serves as air-conditioning? It works as four AC units working together. Thanks to that, one tree may cool its surroundings to 3-6 °C.

There are much more reasons for the need of forests in the future of the Earth – more precisely the health forests. This is why we entered into cooperation with organization that focuses on diversifying the composition of forests; it plants original genres which are currently missing in the forest composition.  Most often these are firs, beeches and maples.

These are genetically original seedlings grown from tree seeds, which are collected in the most valuable parts of protected landscape areas. The seedlings then grow in a forest nursery under special conditions. Thanks to this, the seedlings are ready to withstand even the most difficult conditions, for example on mountain tops

The first trees were planted!

In May 2021, the first new trees were planted as a result of orders received this year. During two days, with the participation of our employees, a total of 1600 beech and maple seedlings were planted. Another 1,400 trees were planted during the spring planting period and a total number of trees are 3000.

The planting was done with the help of certain NGOs. The place for planting – one of the Smrčina slope in Tyra (Třinec) was carefully selected within cooperation with CHKO Beskydy.

The remaining number of trees for the performed orders will be planted in autumn and our employees will definitely be there again!

Successfull autumn planting

At the end of October, two more planting events were held together with our employees. This time we managed to plant more than 2 600 young trees. Similarily as in the spring time, we planted beech and maple seedlings, yet this time we added also fir trees. All the trees were planted in small groups in the drying forest on an area of about 1 hectare.

Autumn planting took place again in our region of Moravian-Silesian Beskidy Mountains, more specifically, under the Javorovy Peak. Our cooperating NGO is going to plant remaining trees in other places around Havorovy, Radhošt and Bíla during the autumn season, in the amount resulting from obligations and orders delivered by us in the current year.

In the course of this year, in all four planting events organized by FINIDR, 84 of our employees took part and they planted 4 200 new trees. The trees were planted in two venues within our region.

We are pleased to inform you, that we are going to continue this project also in the following year.

Spring planting and another 1,900 trees planted!

For the second year, we plant one new tree for every order. Together with a non-profit organisation, we have planted more than 15,000 trees. At the end of April and the beginning of May, the fifth and sixth tree planting took place with the involvement of our employees. After Smrčina and Velký Javorový, this time we went to the slope of Mount Šindelná at an altitude of around 900 m above sea level. Here, where until recently only a thinned spruce monoculture was present, we set out to plant the native species that belonged – beeches and firs.

In two days of planting, we managed to plant 1900 new trees! Additional trees resulting from your completed orders will be planted by a cooperating non-profit organisation later this spring.

But we are already planning another planting with the participation of our staff again this autumn.