14. 5. 2009

At the trade fair „World of the book 2009″ the Czech best selling book of 2008 was awarded.

Awards were granted on a romantic voyage on the river Vltava on the ship called Európé. Aboard the ship beside prominent publishers, distributors, book sellers and representatives of various printing houses from the Czech and Slovak Republic, you could also meet famous book authors. Among them there were e.g. Zdenek Sverak, Ludmila Vankova, Barbara Nesvadbova, Igor Bukovsky or Eva Urbanikova.

The main award for the Czech Bestseller – a statuette by the academic sculptor Olbram Zoubek –  was assumed by the author Zdenek Sverak himself for the book called „Povidky”, which was released by Fragment the publisher and printed by Finidr.

Some other publications printed in Finidr also won awards in other categories.

The winner in cook book cathegory „Kucharka pro dceru” was released by Smart Press publisher.
The winner in educational literature cathegory  „Jak poznat psi dusi” was released by XYZ Publishing.
The winner in specialized literature and school book cathegory  „Autoskola 2008″ was released by COMPUTER PRESS Publishing.

The facilitator of the event Ms. Lucie Vachova together with the band Ellite Music contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the evening. During the whole voyage guests could observe from upper board night  Prague and histrorical relics which line the bank of the river Vltava.