13. 11. 2015

5th Annual Internation Conference of “Reading to Kids” as the basic for wise education in the family or Children in the 21st century” was organized by the non profit organization the “Every Czech Reads to Kids” at the Technical University of Ostrava. Lectures given by distinguished guests from three countries, a well-known British writer Sue Palmer, Polish psychologist and therapist Ewa Woydyllo and one of the most famous Czech psychologists Jeroným Klimeš were designed exactly for them.
From the record also contributed Jim Trelease from the USA, well known promoter of reading aloud to children and author of The Read-Aloud Handbook. All lectures included information which is inspiring and challenging in our personal and professional lives. Our printing house is honoured to participate in the conference as one of the main sponsors of this campaign, which has been existing in the Czech Republic for nearly 10 years.