05.11.2016 – Doors Open Day

5. 11. 2016

While inaugurating our new production premises on Saturday, November 5, we opened the doors of our printing house to public as well. More than 1,100 visitors had the chance to discover the most updated printing & bookbinding technologies during interesting tours guided by our staff. We are pleased that Albrechtova Secondary School in Český Těšín participated too, presenting their subjects of Printing Industry and Printer. Activities for children were a great success too, among other due to Every Czech Reads to Kids organization which actively promotes regular reading to children. Needy people were not forgotten either: our visitors could buy products made in the socio-therapeutic workshops of Slezská Diakonie and the Puntík sheltered workshop. With 500 employes and more than 24 million books produced each year and exported to 45 different countries all over the world, our printing house is a significant employer in the region and we also belong to the biggest European producers of books. This year, we celebrate our 22nd anniversary.


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21.09.2014 – Doors Open Day

21. 9. 2014

More than 650 visitors participated in the Doors Open Day which was organized on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our printing house. Our thanks go to all those who found enough time for a visit and for entertainment in our company. Thank you for coming!

We are looking forward for other similar meetings.

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