16. 5. 2008

A biology textbook by Neil A. Campbell and Jane B. Reece has become, due to its scope and its approach to scientific information, the most  successful textbook of the subject. The Czech translation of the book by Hana Moravcová covers over 1300 pages, where the greater part of the book is full colour. The size of the book in hardback measures 210 x 297 millimeters. The width of the spine of the book is a real rarity – it measures up to 74 millimeters. The book production process required a special technology that used sealing gauze for the purpose of stiffening the bookbinding and it was applied in order to secure a stronger connection between the book cover and the page block. 

The book aims particularly at university students of medicine and all other health sectors, future biology teachers and natural science students. The book is also intended for the university lecturers as well as for secondary school biology teachers. The book is synoptical, objective and practical. It excels in a complex coverage of topics, drawings, illustrations and unique photographs that contribute to its high-quality graphic layout.