29. 1. 2024

Yes, it is! This year we are continuing our wonderful tradition of planting one new tree for every order you place. In doing so, we are helping to restore our forests and rebuild our monoculture.

Together with a non-profit organization, we conducted two planting events last year in which our employees actively participated. Their participation was indispensable and contributed to the planting of almost 4,000 new trees in our region. Unfortunately, the autumn weather did not allow us to organize planting events, so the remaining new trees resulting from your orders last year were planted by the NGO itself in other locations in the Beskydy Mountains.

This year we are again planning planting events in both spring and autumn. We hope that the weather will allow us to carry out more events this year, and the number of newly planted trees will be even higher.

And what are the numbers from 2021, when we started our commitment? We have already planted 36,558 new tree seedlings in several mountain areas. An amazing number!

Thank you for your support in restoring the environment. Every one of your orders truly has a positive impact on our planet.