1. 3. 2012

We prepared for you new version of FINIDR Preflight Connector –  a tool to check your data that provides a quick check of the PDF files directly with immediate results. 

Would you like to simplify your data transfer?  It’s so easy – contact our sales department , we will help you and answer any questions. Please see contact details here.

13.07.2011 – FINIDR Preflight Connector

13. 7. 2011

We have prepared a revolutionary new product FINIDR preflight CONNECTOR, which is a tool for checking your data. 
You ask ‘what are advantages and what brings you our news’? It saves you time from 2 to3 days, it reduces running time of production orders by minimizing errors in print data.  It will ensure a quick check of the PDF files at your place with immediate results. Easy to use without installation, sending data for one click without any trouble is also a big advantage. If you have not tried a simpler data transfer process, please contact our sales department, where we will be happy to provide you with more information. Contact us here.

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