28. 2. 2023

Towards the end of the last year, we were successfully recertified according to ISO 50001. We focused the audit of the Energy Management System (EnMS) on meeting the ISO 50001 requirements, being able to achieve intended targets, and identifying areas of potential system improvement.

The audit put emphasis on the continuous improvement of the organisation’s energy management.

What was the result of the audit itself?

Excellent! The objectives and targets of the audit were achieved and our EnMS is efficient and capable of achieving the expected results. The specified scope of our EnMS meets the certification requirements and the organisation’s needs. The implemented process for carrying out internal audits and reviews of the EnMS is capable of improving its effectiveness for a long time and the management system of the organisation follows the requirements of the standard and of the internal procedures.

Although we had been preparing for recertification in an exacting season, we achieved an excellent result without any non-conformance with one recommendation for the more detailed monitoring of energy use.