14. 6. 2007

The Open House for our partners took place on June 14, 2007, so that we could meet with them prior to the vacation season and prior to the eruption of the Christmas work fever, which usually begins at the end of August. We have invited all our clients and suppliers. Although the weather didn’t cooperate, the event fulfilled all our expectations.

The festive day began with welcoming ceremony at 11 a.m. The short speech given by Sales Manager, Martin Malý, was followed by presentation of the printing house. During the presentation the guests found out everything important about our production capabilities, products and new services including Color Management. Attention was also paid to our on-line services, B2B (Business to Business) platform and interconnections between the clients and the printing house. After the presentation followed lunch in the form of buffet, during which the participants could ask any question or simply talk to each other. Shortly after 1 p.m. we begun excursion of the printing house. The guests could find out that the claim stating that our printing house is the most modern printing house in Central Europe is a reality, not an empty statement.

We walked through the plant in small groups and every guide of the group informed the customers about the production process and equipment, about new possibilities and trends. The new gluing line, which was recently commissioned and which is nowadays printing a big part of our orders, was demonstrated to the customers. The official part of the day ended with the excursion and guests were allowed to check in at the hotel. Beginning at 4:30 p.m. there were sport and entertainment programs prepared for them. Our partners participated in rides on ATW, they played table football, they could incarnate into Sumo players or they could visit entertaining attractions. Human tenpins provided an adrenaline rush, as it resembled zorbing. However, instead of being closed in an inflated ball the dasher was locked in metal construction and he could experience the feeling of how it was to roll in it. In spite of cloudy weather the whole day was carried out in a nice and pleasant mood. The party at the end of the day lasted until the early morning hours and also helped to maintain positive atmosphere. Here the guest could talk without any formalities, about any subject and they were accompanied by pleasant music played by a professional DJ. Catering was provided as well.

The whole event was appraised very positively by the customers. The invitation was accepted by clients from inland and from abroad. In the course of the day there was enough time to discuss possible cooperation and to connect with useful business contacts