14. 6. 2012

From June 14 to June 20, 2012  is in Linz extensive interactive exhibition Labyrinth of the Senses ( in Austria under name Sinnesrausch). Our printing house has become a one of partners of this exhibition and we believe that through an interactive exhibition The Labyrinth of the Senses and in accordance with Comenius effort we move another step in bringing people together through the arts. 

Is it the largest exhibition project ever from cycle Orbis Pictures. In the framework will be presented another six exhibition (The Gate to the World of Creative Human Imagination, Lepolerohra (Mosaic Game), The Labyrinth of the light, Golem, Play and Sensorium), wandering permanently at home and abroad.
More about the exhibition can you read on the website https://www.orbis-pictus.com/.