30. 9. 2008

Our branch has always experienced a growing work pace in autumn. This relates not only to printing houses but to publishers as well. In order to be able to meet our customers also during the hectic period, and to enjoy some fresh air and have time to talk about lighter topics too, we decided to organise a truly informal get-together. However, as we did not intend to lose pace, we called the event On the Track with Finidr. Yet, this time it was not the printing machines that ran at full speed –  go-carts took their place.

The event took place on 23rd September 2008 in the cart-centre in Prague. Approximately 50 publishers from the entire Czech Republic participated. The afternoon was not only full of fun, promoted by an excellent banquet and go-cart races. It is necessary to admit, that even this time it was impossible to escape from work issues completely. Publishers were informed about personnel changes and events occurring in Finidr in the last few months. There was an opportunity to discuss issues with our customers, and it was viable to try to solve them with our executives and with the Commercial Director Anna Součková.

Even some time later all the participants assessed the event positively, and they claimed to look forward to a similar event next year.