12. 2. 2024

FINIDR has successfully completed another supervisory audit, the third in a row, by TÜV, which focused on energy and the overall use of energy resources. Each year, we must prove in the audit that we are demonstrably reducing our overall use of these energy sources. It is a commitment that saves not only energy, but also the environment and, last but not least, the financial burden.

The most important energy source for our production technologies is, of course, electricity. We also use gas to a lesser extent, for heating office buildings.

One of the ways in which we are reducing our energy consumption is using photovoltaic panels, which partially helps replace our electricity source. At the same time, we can also use the heat released by the company compressors back into the central heating in the office building.

It is also through these steps that we have again been able to reduce our energy consumption and intensity while producing roughly the same amount of books in compared to 2022.

Based on the results presented and verified, the auditor rated us very positively.