28. 5. 2020

Record-breaking 313 publications have been submitted to the 55th competition for the Most Beautiful Book in the Czech Republic, they have been evaluated in seven categories. Seven books that were printed in our printing-house the previous year have got to the finals. We have been given the greatest recognizance in the category Literature for children and teenagers.

Two prizes have been given in this category – the first prize for the book To je metro, čéče! (published by Paseka) and the third prize for the book Klub divných dětí (published by Host). Another recognized book which has been given the first prize in the category of Belles-lettres was the book Možnosti milostného románu, also published by the Host publishing-house.

The Special Prize of the Graphic Design Association has been given to the publication titled Sídliště Ďáblice (published by the association Spolek přátel sídliště Ďáblice).

This year has been fruitful also for the Slovakian competition. It has been participated by 214 books which competed for the prizes in seven categories. Twenty books have been rewarded with the prize for the Most Beautiful Slovakian Book 2019, five of them have been printed in our printing-house.
The books Toto nie je kuchárská kniha (SLOVART) has been rewarded in the category Scientific and professional literature, the Božská komédia (Spolok sv. Vojtecha) in the category of Belles-lettres and Vtáčí atlas (Egreš) in the category Literature for children and teenagers. The book Zaostrené na krásu by Karol Kállay (nakladatelství SLOVART) and Slovenská renesancia (Fortuna Libri) have been rewarded in the category of the Fine art books and pictorial publications.

We are especially pleased with the main award of the Slovakian Ministry of Culture for the overall artistic and technical quality of the book by Dante Alighieri: Božská komédia (Divine Comedy).

Congratulations to all the awarded books, authors and publishers and thank you for your trust in our printing activity.