Press release 7. 4. 2017


On March 9 in the Congress Hall of Austrian government in Vienna, the representatives of FINIDR printing house received State Prize for the most beautiful book in Austria. This traditional and prestigious event focusses on both the graphic design and the technical finishing of books. FINIDR was represented by Yves Petry’s book “In Paradisum” – one of the rare fiction books nominated for the Top 15 list.

Each nominated book join the elite group of real jewels of printing & binding industry. The independent jury chooses from among 200 books and three winners receive State Prize. In 2014, FINIDR was even the absolute winner, with Museum der Träume (Museum of Dreams) book.

„Our printing house won many awards during 23 years of its existence. All international successes and prizes for most beautiful books are very important for us“, says Jaroslav Drahoš, the owner of FINIDR printing house. His company is one of the biggest producers of books in Europe: each year, 460 FINIDR employees print and bind more than 23 million books, above all for foreign markets. Last year, the turnover of the printing house amounted to 900 million CZK and the economic results grow better each year. In 2016, FINIDR invested almost 190 million CZK in a new hall and new machines.

Thanks to systematic development, investments and trainings for staff, FINIDR printing house ranks among top companies in printing industry. This is confirmed also by numerous awards won across Europe and elsewhere, as FINIDR books are exported to 45 different countries all around the world. FINIDR books represent the great work of our staff and the traditional industry of our region.