7. 11. 2020

The expert panel selected the most beautiful books also in Austria. A total of 15 awards and 3 state prizes were given in the “Schönste Bücher Österreichs 2019” competition. The Wein in Österreich (Christian Brandstätter Verlag) title, which was printed in our plant, was chosen among the fifteen most beautiful books.

At first glance, the book attracts with its design and high-quality workmanship. Two-tone canvas and embossing on the cover and the spine of the book. However, the special feature is the inserted bound attachments complementing the text block, both printed on EOS material. The bound attachment is formed by double leaves shortened to landscape, covering eight book sheets. These attachments contain additional information on the topic and represent a unique decoration of the inside of the book.

Congratulations to the authors and the publisher on their success!