1. 11. 2008

The photography contest, which was open for all the employees of our company, turned out to be successful, although it was its first running. The contest encompassed four thematic categories and these were as follows: The Těšín District and its Countryside, The Architecture of Český Těšín, People in our District, Curiosities of the Těšín District.

The majority of the presented photographs captured the beauty of the nature in our region, whereas the category of curiosities was represented only by a few photographs. This forced us to adjust the rules before commencing the assessment of the contest. The committee decided to include the photographs presenting curiosities into the category of the pictures falling into the group of nature scenes.  Nevertheless, not to reduce the number of winners, the committee chose six best photographs.

The photographs were evaluated by a three-man committee, and the members were Monika Haužvicová and two professional photographers – Wieslaw Przeczek and Libor Bukovanský. It was really a difficult task to choose the best exhibits.

Let us present the winners of the photography contest.
The category The Těšín District and its Countryside 
1st place – Burkot Petr
2nd place – Rowná Ludmila
3rd place – Kantor Bronislav
4th place – Nekoranec Peter
5th place – Szafarczyková Monika
6th place – Bláhová Veronika

The category The Architecture of Český Těšín

1st place – Alexová Zdeňka
2nd place – Duspiva Lukáš
3rd place – Otmar Švrček
The category People in our District
1st place – Duspiva Lukáš
2nd place – Alexová Zdeňka
3rd place – Twardzik Pawel

The category Curiosities of the Těšín District
Due to a small number of participants the category was not assessed separately (the pictures were regrouped into the category of The Těšín District and its Countryside).

The authors of the winning photographs will receive a bottle of quality wine and their photographs will be published in the Finidr calendar for the year 2009. We would like to thank all who participated in the contest and sent us their photographs, and we would also like to wish them a steady hand and good light when taking photographs.