11. 6. 2021

We know the winners of this year’s awards in the Magnesia Litera 2021 competition. And as in the previous years, also this time the book printed in our printing house was given an award!

The Magnesia Litera is the Czech literature award that has been given each year by the Litera Association since 2002. The awards are given in a few categories and their aim is to assess and promote high-quality literature.

Even before the full-length announcement of the absolute book winners, we were nominated in three categories: In the category Litera for prose for Popelnicový román and Mezipřistání and in the category Litera for the translated book Chmurdálie. Even though not a single title won the award in the end, we can celebrate.

In the accompanying Kosmas category, the Readers’ Award, in which the winners decide for themselves, was awarded to the adventure novel for children and young people, Já, Finis by the writer Václav Dvořák. It thus continued last year’s success of Filip Rožek and his book Gump – Pes, který naučil lidi žít.

Our congratulations to the writer Václav Dvořák on his success!