5. 1. 2022

We care about eliminating the impact of our business on the world around us, and the arrival of a new one has not changed anything. And just like last year, we will continue our commitment this year – we will plant one new tree for each order.
It’s great that thanks to you, our clients, we were able to plant a total of 10,899 new trees in 2021!

If the winter is rich enough for snow cover, then in the spring of this year, further plantings of maple, beech, fir or other necessary and missing species will take place, with the direct participation of our employees.
The non-profit organization sponsoring this initiative, with which we will continue to work closely, is identifying other localities where we will be able to help with reforestation this year.

In short, it makes sense. Come on in with us. For a greener future for all of us.