11. 5. 2021

We have commitment that this year we will plant one tree for each new order we get from our customers. As the best period for planting young trees has just come, it was high time for our promise to be fulfilled and for a good act to be done.

The first planting was done between 7th and 10th of May 2021. Forty-five  of our employees, led by the owner, Mr. Jaroslav Drahoš and by the commercial director, Mr. Miroslav Klos, planted in total 1600 trees. Due to the current pandemic situation, the event was held according to the measures taken by the authorities of the Czech Republic.

The planting was done with the help of certain NGOs. The place for planting – one of the Smrčina slope in Tyra (Třinec) was carefully selected within cooperation with CHKO Beskydy. Thanks to the planting, the current spruce monoculture has been enriched with original species that are missing in the current forest composition. Specifically, seedlings of beech and maple have been planted. 

These are genetically original seedlings grown from tree seeds, which are collected in the most valuable parts of protected landscape areas. The seedling then grow in a forest nursery under special conditions. Thanks to that the seedlings may survive also in the most difficult environment, such as mountain peaks.

The best conditions for planting new trees are in spring and autumn. In the spring period the Beskidy mountains will be enriched with the other 1400 seedlings.  The remaining number of trees for the performed orders will be planted in autumn.