23. 7. 2018

Reduction and elimination of CO2 emissions is very important to our environment-oriented printing house. Our investments in technology are therefore focused on the purchase of machines that can be identified as carbon neutral. Our recent acquisitions comprise e.g. Heidelberg Stahlfolder KH-78/82 folding machine (purchased in 2016) or CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 106 platesetter (purchased in 2018). The Heidelberg company is a pioneer in this field: by means of a climate protection project implemented in Togo in West Africa, the company supports forestation of an untouched region which is exposed to erosion and desertification. In practice, the forestation process means that a mixed forest consisting of purely native woody species will be planted in a protected natural area of 1.000 hectares. This allows to establish an autoregulatory ecosystem and we are glad to be part of this initiative.