22. 1. 2010

The destructive earthquake stroke Caribbean island state Haiti on 12th January 2010. Hospitals, schools, houses were completely destroyed. There is nothing to eat, drink, where to sleep, nothing works.
Every employee of our company can help and join our gathering to help victims of destructive earthquake.
Company FINIDR makes donation of 50,000,-Kč and this money and all money from our employees will  be sent  to an account of charity organization ADRA.
ADRA will assure to use the money in the best possible way.
Nowadays ADRA is helping at Haiti providing them inflatable field-hospital, tablets for cleaning water, food, generator, tents, drugs and other necessary things.
ADRA has already paid 500,000,- Kč for Haiti from its resources.
The employees of company FINIDR  and not only them can help also by sending SMS: DMS ADRA to number 87777.