4. 3. 2022

The statement of Jaroslav Drahoš, the owner of the FINIDR printing works, on the current situation in Ukraine:We are concerned about updates from Ukraine we can see every day. None of us is able to imagine the suffering of the Ukrainians these days.

If it’s true that the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, and the fifth-largest nuclear power plant in the world, was shelled in the early hours of this morning, this clearly proves that Putin has chosen a path of absolute destruction to achieve his personal ambitions. Russia has thus become the first country in the history of humankind to commit nuclear terrorism.

Let’s set ourselves jointly against the war, let’s stop this insane and pointless aggression! Everybody can help in some way… The time has come when no rational person can really remain aloof.

We have transferred €20,000 to the transparent account of the Representative Office of Ukraine in the Czech Republic on behalf of our company. All of us must have a common aim: Stop this insane aggression and restore peace in the area.

Ukraine, hang on! We support you much and stand by you!