12. 1. 2023

Just like in the last two years, this year will not be an exemption. Of course, we are talking about our programme, where we plant one new tree for every of your orders. Planting takes place in cooperation with a non-profit institution, which also selects appropriate localities in our region.

Last year there were 4 planting events in total and our employees took part in them in person. They put their shoulders to the wheel and helped to plant several thousands of young plants during those events.

Last planting took place in the autumn. They managed to plant record 3,350 new trees of several species that were missing in the locality and are desirable for the local monoculture there. Together with spring events, our employees managed to plant incredible 5,250 young plants. The remaining new trees resulting from our orders executed the last year have already been planted by the non-profit institution itself in other localities in the Beskids.

And what is the total number of the trees that have been planted since 2021, when we started? 23,501!

Incredible and amazing!
We thank you that also thanks to you we can together contribute to forest renewal.