Successfull autumn planting

At the end of October, two more planting events were held together with our employees. This time we managed to plant more than 2 600 young trees. Similarily as in the spring time, we planted beech and maple seedlings, yet this time we added also fir trees. All the trees were
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FRESH PRINT for even more vivid colours

We asked ourselves a question: Can we make our printing even better? Can we make the colours even more vibrant? After more than six months of joint work between our technologists and printers, we would like to introduce our unique FRESH PRINT technology. This is a printing technique for printing
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We actively reduce our carbon footprint

In August, the annual audit of the Carbon Footprint Management certification was successfully completed. Thanks to all goals established last year, we managed to reduce the carbon footprint by 45,5 % compared to the base year 2015. Goals for reducing the carbon footprint include, for example, the purchase of environmentally
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Silver medal defended

In September an audit in the field of corporate social responsibility was carried out by the international auditing company EcoVadis in our printing house. And for the third time in a row, we were awarded a silver medal. Basing on the result, FINIDR is one of the leading company in
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Successful certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We are very glad to inform you that our printing house FINIDR has been successfully audited and fulfilled all terms and conditions necessary for being granted a certificate according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 in the field of polygraphy. ISO 9001 is an international norm for quality management systems,
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Young printers in action again

Students of the second grade in the high school Albrechtova střední škola in Český Těšín, printing faculty, again had a chance to get practice in our printing house after several months, during which they were not allowed to do it because of anti-epidemic measures and closure of schools. Within a
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