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Agata Studnická: The way I see it

Text: Agata Studnická

Maybe I’ll start by saying that I really didn’t like working in a manual labour workplace. So how did I become a process technician on that process? Let’s start at the beginning…

Three years ago I moved to Český Těšín. I immediately set a goal to find a job in the area. And because I love books, the choice was clear – FINIDR. The announcement of a vacancy in the embossing department was immediately interesting to me. I love a challenge and always preferred the harder but more interesting path. I worked for more than a year as a machinist at the embossing machine. I liked the work, but there was still something missing. I worked as a manager in Poland for a few years and I was excited about working with people. When I learned that there was a possibility of change at FINIDR, I decided to give it a try. Handwork process technician, why not?

It worked. Later on I had to adapt to the position of manual labour and packer. I have to admit, it was a tough month. I gained a lot of respect for all these women. I decided that I would try to simplify the process, make their work at least a little more pleasant and make the handwork position more accessible. I want these people to feel valued, they deserve it. It’s really hard work and it’s not for everyone.

I still have a lot of work and learning to do. I struggle with my Czech every day and I am far from perfect. But I try and do my best to move at least one step forward every day. I get a lot of support from management, other process technicians, and people who work on manual labour. My colleague Radka Krausová is a daily support for me – also a new person, in a new position as a dispatcher at this workplace. I believe that separating the existing duties of the manual handling technician was a necessary step. It’s a place where preparation means a lot. Lots of boxes, pamphlets, book supplements and work study guides. Having Radka allows me to concentrate on my work just like process technicians from other departments. I may be less visible on manual labour, but I still get a lot done. My main goal is to create a team of people who will face all challenges together, be able to collaborate and communicate.

Along with the manual work, I was put in charge of packing and repairs. This is a total of more than 50 employees. In addition, I am responsible for providing temporary workers for the weekends. It’s quite a lot. After a few months, I’m glad I remember all the names.

To sum up, I like the career path I have chosen. I am growing every day and it is extremely important to me. I finally feel like a part of the team I have become. I look forward to what the future holds.