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We supported ČteFesT

Thanks to our support, combined with the printing of marketing materials (posters and programme brochures), the 4th edition of the ČteFest reading festival could also take place this year, providing festival-goers with countless experiences, stories and joyful encounters with culture, literature and reading for less than two weeks.

The festival is growing in popularity, thanks to the excellent guests and the programme, which includes a series of talks, performances, exhibitions, conferences and discussions. The festival also includes parallel morning programmes for schools, children and young people and afternoon programmes for families.

Thanks to our partnership, our Finidraks also had the opportunity to compete for tickets to a talk with Karin Lednicka, who opened the festival with the launch of the third volume of her book and the conclusion of the entire Leaning Church series. That is, the books that many of you held in your hands during their production.

What is ČteFesT?

ČteFesT is a festival that brings a great love for books, reading, literacy and education to Třinec, a city known for its industrial poetics and hockey enthusiasm. It always takes place at the turn of May and June in the library, in the city and in the mountains.

Who is ČteFesT?

ČteFesT is a group of enthusiasts, lovers of literature and reading who decided to bring a good dose of good literature to Třinec every year through readings, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and informal meetings.

They try to connect and show visitors what they love – reading and mountains. That’s why every year they organize several meetings with authors and their books on the peaks of the Beskydy Mountains.

They believe that personal encounters with authors and illustrators can get not only adults but also children excited about reading. A personal encounter with the person who wrote the book or participated in its creation can have an experiential impact on our reading. Therefore, a large part of the program is dedicated not only to children from kindergarten to high school, but also to families with children.

The festival was born out of the enthusiasm of a group of librarians and teachers, with an admiration for living literature, respect for local tradition and landscape, and the hope that everyone would want to be at ČteFesT!


We do business responsibly

Our support is focused on the following areas:

  • regional clubs and associations
  • The whole Czech Republic reads to children
  • planting trees in the Beskydy Mountains
  • Albrecht High School
  • school and extracurricular activities in our town and the surrounding area
  • organizations supporting especially the development and education of children and youth
  • and many others