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Company values in practice

Lenka about Táňa
“What I appreciate about Tania is her responsibility towards her work and especially when she represents me. I know I can always rely on her because everything she does, she always does to the best of her ability. She is passionate about everything and follows through. She doesn’t wait for anything and immediately sees a solution and comes up with a proposal. And when I give her a task, I don’t have to worry about it not getting done.”

Táňa about Lenka
“Even if there is a problem in production, she doesn’t vent it towards us, she always solves everything calmly and with a smile. She always supports us and spreads good mood. She treats us as equals and with respect. She doesn’t like conflicts and if one arises, she manages to resolve it with a cool head.”

Anička about Jarka
“I can turn to Jaruška with a problem and she always approaches it with a level head and calmness. I am glad to have Jaruška in my work team.”

Jarka about Soňa
“She always tries to find the best production flow for the company. She is always looking for new ways to streamline both quality and production speed. She cares about the satisfaction of the company and also the customers.”

Soňa about Anička
“Anička is not afraid to take on new things, she likes to try different options to improve production. She is not afraid of anything, she goes into everything with intelligence and zest. Even though she is the oldest in the team, she still wants to be an asset to our team, and she succeeds. She is very talented in technical things and can handle everything.”