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FSC© control audit | Fair Play Employee

Text: Dagmar Kempná, Maryla Adamčíková

FSC© control audit

In May we defended another certification, this time FSC. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a global organization that certifies forests and products according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Any company involved in the processing of FSC-certified products must have this certification in order to apply the FSC logo to their products. This means that also during the audit at our company it was primarily verified that FSC labelled material is correctly separated from non-certified material during the journey from forest to market. FSC strives together with its members, certificate holders and responsible consumers to ensure responsible use of forests and forest products worldwide.

We had to provide the auditor with complete supporting documents such as our FSC directive, a list of FSC orders, a summary of materials purchased with FSC, documents related to FSC training, OHS and forklifts, and production orders. Stock control, production and information on how the FSC logo approval process is carried out. In production, interviews directly with employees were also followed to verify working conditions, including safety, provided by FINIDR. Of course, we did not miss the visit to FINIDR B.

The result of the audit is again the auditor’s satisfaction with the facts found and the professional approach of all those involved during the audit.

We have been given the opportunity to continue another year in the production of FSC-certified book titles, which guarantees our customers, as we mentioned earlier, that certified material from sustainably managed forests with proven wood origin is used to produce the book.

Fair Play Employee

We are pleased to have kept the Linden Leaf tradition alive in our printing house for nine years. Anyone can thank a colleague in the area of company values for helping beyond the call of duty, or for showing trust, responsibility, mutual respect, courtesy, honesty, positive thinking, or a proactive attitude.

So feel free to join in nominating your colleagues each month. After all, even a little help can be very gratifying, and writing a lime leaf is a small thing that has a huge effect. Let’s praise each other!

In the past year, we awarded a total of 951 thank-you letters in the form of a lime leaf.

The Fair Play 2023 employees are:

1. Ondřej Prokop, Marketing Specialist

2. Kateřina Czempková, HR Specialist

3. The third place is shared by three ladies with the same number of nominations:

Maryla Adamčíková, Head of HR Department

Kateřina Misiarzová, Assistant to the Managing Director

Lucie Stafinská, secretary