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Another successful spring planting!

Text: Ondřej Prokop

Tree planting has become a very popular activity since we started the commitment in 2021. And it’s not just because we’re helping to restore our forests by planting them ourselves. We are doing something for the future by being able to attend planting events in person and plant a few dozen seedlings ourselves.

In April, two more planting events were held with the participation of our employees in selected locations in the Beskydy Mountains. This time the NGO selected the hill between Smrčina and Kalužný as a suitable area. Due to the local monoculture, this time we planted only fir seedlings.

Anyone who has been with us on a planting knows that it is often not an easy job! A steep hill, the ground is often all stone, with dirt to trip over. It can be challenging. But! On the other hand, it’s a very rewarding activity that is sure to put a smile on your face after the event.

This time, when I write that the soil environment was more than welcoming – just compared to other locations – hopefully this year’s participants will give me the benefit of the doubt. Of course, there was a place where rocks were plentiful… but it could have been worse. For me, however, in this respect, parade.

On the second date the weather was also, I guess I would choose the word again, April-like. In the morning we were greeted by pleasant warm and sunny weather, but gradually, the closer we got to the actual planting, the weather started to deteriorate a bit. It got overcast and a bit cold. Even the snow that had fallen in the week since our last planting, combined with the wet and cold soil, didn’t help matters much. This time we managed to do everything successfully, as usual! We had 16 of us on this date, including one of our clients, and managed to plant another 1,100 small fir trees.

So how many trees do we have planted in total?

In these two spring terms, successfully 1 800! In total, we have planted 41,119 new trees since 2021!

We firmly believe that the fall weather will allow us to conduct employee plantings again and be right there.

The nonprofit will still plant the remaining trees from this spring’s orders by late April and early May. Then more will be planted again in the fall.

How do the events themselves take place?

▶ Always in spring and autumn (at that time there are planting conditions are best for planting young trees)

▶ interested parties report to their supervisors on the given dates

▶ participants are driven to the meeting point from the FINIDR building by bus

▶ representatives of the non-profit organization will drive us to the site.

▶ training on how to plant will take place at the selected location and handing over the seedlings including the necessary tools

▶ the organisation also provides refreshments during the planting period

▶ when the work is done and well done, the participants will be welcomed a well-deserved goulash

▶ return to FINIDR

▶ in case of extremely bad weather the event is cancelled