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How satisfied you are

Timothy George Echavez Yumul, production worker

I remember our first day when Ms. Czempková toured us around the facility. I was overwhelmed by how large the facility is, especially since I also worked in a printing company back in the Philippines, but it was not this big. Additionally, some of the machines are updated to the latest technology in printing, which means the company aims to move forward.

As I mentioned I also worked in a printing company back in the Philippines so, basically, this is what I have been doing for almost half of my life. Although I handled different machines in the Philippines, I have no problem understanding the workflow here. The work process is okay because the company is ISO certified.

It’s hard working overseas and leaving your family behind, but I have colleagues who are kind and always ready to help. Somehow, it makes life here a little bit easier. I even consider some of my colleagues as friends, they know who they are.

Michaela Byrtusová, production worker

I have been working at FINIDR for three months and I am employed as a machine operator on a sawing machine. This job is very responsible and also physically demanding. What I appreciate is the friendly and professional attitude of my superiors and my mentor who is training me. Since my great hobby is reading, I am happy to be part of one of the processes where a new book is created. I can’t answer the question of what I don’t like about the company because I haven’t had any negative experiences yet.