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CSR activities in 2023

Text by: Radek Dadák

Nowadays, it is increasingly important that companies not only prosper financially, but also contribute to the social and environmental well-being of society.

In this article, we look at specific CSR activities that our printing company has implemented in 2023 to positively impact its environment and show its commitment to being more than just a profit-driven business.

In terms of CSR, tree planting was again carried out in 2023, both in spring and autumn. And, as in previous years, we continued our commitment last year, planting one new tree for every job completed.

In the filed of energy, we continued to install photovoltaic panels in an effort to increase the share of energy supplied from renewable sources, which now stands at around 8%. Further installation of photovoltaic panels and a gradual increase in the share of energy from renewable sources are planned for the coming years.

To increase the efficiency of the compressor’s operation, we planned to use the residual heat from its cooling to heat the office building in addition to the existing system.

For this purpose, we added an additional thermally insulated boiler room pipe branch to the compressor’s recovery circuit, fitted with a hot water circulation pump with the necessary fittings, including the installation of a calorimeter to record the heat recovery for the central heating.

Thanks to this setup, we were able to shorten the heating season by two months (later start-up of the gas boiler room in the autumn and earlier boiler room shutdown in the spring), and during the heating season the gas boilers will only start up in case of heat shortage from the compressor room.

This measure reduced our natural gas consumption by 33% in 2023.

And what CSR activities will FINIDR embark on in 2024? You can find out on page 16.