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Meet Arnold

Text by: Šárka Adamčíková

Feedback is an invaluable source of information that helps us grow, improve and adapt to the changing needs of our employees. Aware of this fact, we made the decision to introduce a new member of our team – Arnold the chatbot.

Hi, my name is ARNOLD and I’m the new addition to the HR department.
Arnold is an advanced chatbot designed to communicate with our employees through simple but effective conversations.

Arnold’s main advantage is its ability to provide a secure means for employees to share their thoughts and feelings. We believe that by doing this we can get more honest and open feedback, which is key to our continuous improvement.

In addition, Arnold is available 24/7, which means our employees can provide feedback at whatever time is most convenient for them.

Each employee receives a link to access the chatbot and simple instructions on how to start interacting with it. Arnold will guide you through a short questionnaire in which you can express your views on various topics. Your answers will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Only the HR representative and your supervisor will see your answers.


We currently have the following satisfaction surveys prepared and set up as part of the recruitment process:

First days on the job – we send this survey after the first 14 days with the company

First three months in a new job

First year at FINIDR


We are also interested in feedback from employees when they leave their employment, so we also send them a short satisfaction survey during their time with our company.

We believe that with Arnold’s help we can together create an even better working environment for everyone. We look forward to your feedback and thank you for your support and cooperation in this new project.