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How satisfied are you with Finidrak?

Text by: Ondřej Prokop

That’s what we asked you last autumn. Thank you to all respondents, who shared their insights, and now we present a summary of that survey.

We were pleased to hear that the majority of people read the company newsletter regularly, because they learn about news and interesting things about the company. That’s certainly great. This is our main reason for publishing Finidrak regularly. To keep you informed about the most up-to-date things that are happening or yet to happen at FINIDR.

You’ve ranked the most popular sections as Owner’s Word, Current Events and Interview. At the other side of line were Recipe, This Way Out of Boredom, Quiz and Editorial.

We also asked you what topics you would like to see in the newsletter. Most of those who responded were happy with the current format. However, suggestions included topics focused on the future (FINIDR’s plans and vision, what we are improving on each process), information and news from the printing industry or introductions to individual departments and processes in production.

So, will there be any changes?

The first change, which is related to results of your answers, is the cancellation of the least popular section of Recept, starting with this issue. Instead, we are adding an article focusing on the history of printing in Těšín.

We are certainly not planning any drastic changes at the moment, even based on your feedback. On the other hand, we would like to add your insights, tips, new topics or recommendations to Finidrak.

In the future, we plan to organize another survey again and get valuable recommendations for us to move Finidrak forward. By doing so, we want to regularly check your satisfaction and get very important feedback.