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Dear colleagues,

the warm weather is slowly knocking on our door. With the good weather also comes a much better mood, with more opportunities to meet friends outside, dust off the bike again or go for a hike in the mountains. Spring always gives new hope and new energy.

Throughout the past year, we’ve been bringing you snippets of our printing house history and connecting them to current events. We’ve tried to dose the information so that you can grasp it and feel the atmosphere of different periods in our printing company’s history.

This year’s issues of Finidrak will also be in the historical spirit. This year we are celebrating 30 years since the establishment of our printing house, and we are also commemorating the 195th anniversary of the birth of one of the owners of the Prochaska printing house – Karel (II) Albin Prochaska, during whose tenure the company reached its greatest developement and became the imperial and royal court supplier. This means that he was allowed to supply goods or services to the imperial court in Vienna. At the same time, a new printing house was built on Sachsenberg (today’s Hlavní třída street).

And it is in these exceptional historical premises of the original Prochaska Printing House that we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our FINIDR printing house on 13 June 2024. Let’s enjoy the unrepeatable atmosphere of this magical place, where printing history and the present mix together.

Thanks to the Prochaska family, Těšín has become an important centre of the printing industry with a long printing tradition in Europe. The relationship to this beautiful craft has been handed down from generation to generation. FINIDR continues this tradition and represents our region with dignity in many European cities where our customers are based. Almost every book that FINIDR produces has “made in Český Těšín” written on imprint page. It is a great advertisement and a great commitment to the generations who have linked their lives with printing, with beautiful books and the smell of printing ink and bookbinding glue.

Hats off to everyone, thank you to the whole team.

I’m looking forward to seeing you, let’s celebrate together!

Yours Jarek Drahoš