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What trade fairs are we going to this year?

Text by: Lenka Ďurišová

Book fairs are the epicentre of our industry and FINIDR cannot miss the most important ones this year. So where are we going this year?

The London Book Fair took place on 12-14 March. Once again, hundreds of exhibitors and many times more visitors, not only from Commonwealth countries, filled the beautiful Olympia complex.

The second trade fair took place immediately afterwards on 21-24 March in Leipzig, Germany. Did you know that it has been held since 1632?

And traditionally, our printer’s sales representatives could not miss it.

The biggest Czech book fair World of Books awaits us 23-26 May. The motto of the current edition is a poetic Kafka’s quote: “A book must be an axe for the frozen sea in us.” Hundreds of talks, author readings, bargain book purchases and great street food may tempt you to make a trip to Prague.

After the summer break, the most important global literary event awaits us. At the 76. Frankfurt Book Fair. This book festival will take place 16-20 October and we are already looking forward to welcoming our guests from all corners of Europe.

In the autumn months, we will most likely still have the book fair in Bratislava.

You will definitely be able to read about the most interesting of all these book fairs on our website, social media and, of course, in the pages of the next issues of Finidrak.