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School Friendly

Text by: Kateřina Misiarzová

In 2023, the fifth edition of the competition was announced to recognize companies that significantly contribute to the support and strengthening of relationships between various school institutions and support for children and youth in the Moravian-Silesian Region. These are companies that not only connect and support mutual cooperation between schools and the business sector, but also take responsibility for future generations.

The competition evaluated several key aspects, such as the innovation of the projects, the sustainability of the initiatives, the benefits for the companies involved, the scale of the cooperation itself or the social impact they create.

Over the years, we have consolidated our position in the area of cooperation with schools, supporting extracurricular activities for children and young people and participating in a number of charity projects and support for non-profit organisations. Thanks to these activities, we have met all the criteria for participation in this prestigious competition.

This is the third year that FINIDR has participated in this competition and the third year that it has been ranked at the top. We are proud that our printing company has won the gold award in the category of companies with up to 900 employees.

However, this award is not new to us and follows on from the silver awards we have received in previous years. They are a reflection of our high quality and consistent work, our long-term partnerships with schools and our comprehensive approach to supporting education.

The awards ceremony for the most successful companies took place in December at a gala event known as “REGION FOR ITSELF”.

The collaboration between FINIDR and schools has a rich history and continues to be a strategic element of our print shop. It allows us to identify and reach talented individuals during their studies, provide them with real-life internships and vocational training, and thus contribute to enriching their educational process. In addition, we give pupils and students the opportunity to see our printing plant during excursions, where they can see for themselves how books are made and have the opportunity to learn about the entire production process. Last but not least, we are also actively involved in supporting non-profit organizations in our city and region.

We believe that our efforts will contribute to the preservation of the more than two hundred year tradition of printing in our region. This award is thus a reward for our long-standing, high-quality and continuous cooperation with schools, non-profit organizations and support for children and youth in the region.