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Slovácko: Good everywhere, home sweet home

Text by: Michaela Muchová 

Holiday time is slowly coming, and you are probably thinking where to go and what new things to experience. I would therefore like to recommend this wonderful region as one of your destinations.

Strážnicko and Horňácko are distinctive regions belonging to the Slovácko region. They have a well-preserved historical landscape character with the unique nature of Pomerania and the White Carpathians, which are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve thanks to man’s careful management of nature.

They are famous for their majestic beech forests and vast flowery meadows, which are among the richest in the world. One one of the most important protected areas is the orchid meadow of Vojšická, where the famous annual Horňácké mowing event takes place.

The beautiful orchards and solitudes of fruit trees of almost forgotten varieties, among which the rare Osceola crane stands out, are also inseparable from the local landscape.

In the village of Tvarožná Lhota, the Travičná lookout tower is worth a visit. It is the first lookout tower in the protected landscape area of the White Carpathians. After climbing 170 steps, it offers a view of the surrounding landscape from a 35 m gallery. You can see, among others, the Buchlov Castle, the Vizovice Hills and the White Carpathians on the horizon, dominated by the highest peak, the 970 m high Velká Javořina.

Below the lookout tower there is a trip area called Salaš Travičná, a place where you can come to relax or learn something new. Here you can visit a small museum of timbered buildings, an arboretum with an exposition, a herb and vegetable garden, an ecological nature trail and attractions for young and old. Children can enjoy animals, nature exploration and creating with natural materials. In the local arboretum you will get to know the tree species and taste their fruits typical for this region, not only the aspen, but also mulberries, dogwoods, cornus and medlars.

In addition to the Slovak wine trails, the region offers interesting educational trails, where you can learn about the history of the area, as well as adrenaline cycling trails – singletrails. Ride through forests, meadows, vineyards, along the Bata Canal or in the footsteps of notable personalities (the House of the Uprka Brothers).

The Bata Canal, a unique waterway, runs across the whole of Slovakia. It was built in 1934-1938 for irrigation and also for transporting coal from mines in the Hodonín region, today it serves as a recreational waterway. In the harbours you can take a ride on one of the regular cruises of larger boats or you can rent a houseboat or just a small boat. One of the harbours, Sudoměřice, is interesting for its technical monument – the Tipper. It was used for transshipment of lignite coal, now it serves as a lookout tower.

And since Slovácko is a wine region, my last invitation is to Petrovské Plze. A picturesque complex of ancient wine cellars. It consists of approximately 80 cellars built since the 15th century. But be careful there.

I could describe and recommend many other beautiful and interesting places in this region, but I believe I have sufficiently interested and inspired you. For more information, please visit the websites www.slovacko.cz, www.hornacko.info, www.straznicko.cz.