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First aid training

Text by: Lenka Hlisnikovská 

Our printing company is looking for different ways to protect the health of our employees and always looking for ways how to improve this care.

We firmly believe that being prepared to provide prompt and effective assistance in critical situation is not only a responsibility, but also a duty of every individual. That’s why we decided to invest in training that would give our employees the necessary skills and confidence in situations requiring acute medical care.

We believe that there are many individuals among our staff who have been in situations where first aid has been necessary in the past. Whether it was treating a minor injury or stopping bleeding, each of these situations highlighted the importance of knowing basic first aid procedures.

That is why, in cooperation with the plant doctor, MUDr. Szyrocki, we organized a first aid training. December last year and January this year, we held a total of four sessions for administrative and management staff. We are pleased that the interest in these training sessions was huge and that the participants were intensively involved in all the practical exercises and discussions.

We plan to hold additional first aid course dates in the coming months and hope to engage even more employees in our safety improvement and risk prevention programmes, as safety is our priority.