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Corporate values in practice

Anežka about Klara
“What I appreciate about Klárka is the care and responsibility with which she approaches her work. When she represents me during my vacation, I know my clients are in good hands and Klárka will do her best.”

Klára about Kristina
“What I appreciate about Kristi is the human approach. I can come to her with a problem, and she cares about how I feel at work. From my perspective, she is great at balancing when to act more like an authority figure and when to act more like a friend.”

Kamila about Anežka
“Anežka remains calm under all circumstances. She never acts impulsively and when any problem arises, she always checks first whether she herself has made a mistake.”

Verča about Kamča
“What I appreciate about Kamča is that she thinks about practically every detail in her work. She always tries to find the best solution so that the orders are made with quality and there is no unnecessary waste.”

Kristina about Verča
“Veru is the newest and quietest member of our team. In the autumn she was entrusted with the company’s biggest client, which meant learning a lot of things and taking on a lot of responsibility. Every day she is increasing her capacity and learning new technologies and procedures. She approaches her work with discretion and diligence. She takes comments seriously and always tries to accommodate.”