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How did we do last year?

Text by: Michal Broda

After 2022, when almost everything went well on its own, it is necessary to take off our hat and thank all the employees of our printing plant who actively and responsibly contributed to the result of 2023 – either directly or in cooperation.

The past year was a period after 2022 when we planned to maintain sales above CZK 1.5 billion. Which was an ambitious target considering  the market downturn, which started to show in the last quarter of 2022, and also the fall in paper prices.

In addition, the market has returned to the classic course of the book making season, so the first half of the year was again lower in terms of sales than the second half of 2023 (unlike 2022, when we were already full from January). Overall, then, we were 8.3% behind our best year ever in 2022 in terms of sales, even though the number of orders produced was only 4.4% lower, and we went over 30 million titles for the second year in a row. Even from these figures you can see the overall decline in the market, with a more modest decline in units produced, the difference in sales is more significant, as you can see in the table below.

As we start 2024, and with current forecasts, the first quarter looks a little better in terms of sales than 2023.

Let’s hope that this trend will continue through the whole year, when our printery celebrates its 30th anniversary and that this season will be successful for FINIDR. Thanks again to everyone and good luck in and out of work.