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About us: How satisfied are you

Jana Byrtusová
Support in prepress
I often heard from my good friend how happy she was at work. And when she told me that a position was going to open up after her colleague retired, I immediately started applying for the position. A good thing happened and I am now part of this great company. The work environment is very pleasant and you are greeted with a smile and a hello at the front desk when you arrive at work. Colleagues are friendly, willing to give advice and help with anything. I would like to thank everyone for this. I enjoy my work and I am glad that I can be at the birth of printed stories that people read not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Kateřina Czempková
HR Manager
I have been part of FINIDR for almost half a year, but thanks to the quick adaptation and the good team I feel like I have been working here for much longer. This position was and still is a challenge for me. I have been working as an HR manager for a relatively short time, so I appreciate this opportunity to learn new things and gain more professional experience. I would say that my job is varied, and that’s what I enjoy about it. I am also happy that I can use English in my work and continue to improve my English. I really appreciate the pleasant working environment and the friendly colleagues who are always willing to help me and who make me enjoy coming to work. In addition, I like the fact that the company emphasizes ecology and has joined the tree planting activity, which I was happy to participate in and thus had the opportunity to support a good cause.