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From the printing house: Vocational training for electricians

Text: Miroslava Kupková

Students work experience at FINIDR is an important element of the educational process, allowing them to gain valuable experience and skills before entering the job market. In return to our company, it represents an opportunity to select potential talented employees to join our team.

So far, we have mainly cooperated with Albrecht High School – in the field of Printer and in the field of Polygrapher – in the framework of student internships. For this school year, we have decided to expand our cooperation to include student internships in the electro-mechanic field. We would like the current trainees in this field, as well as the printers, to expand ranks of our employees in the future, while we expect to reduce the costs associated with recruiting candidates for the electromechanics position.

The care of these students will be covered by the electrical maintenance master. As an experienced professional in the field, he will provide them with the necessary support to gain practical experience, knowledge of processes, machines and help the students with orientation in the working environment.

The rules of the internship will be set in the same way as for the Printer field. We firmly believe that the internship of electro-mechanics will be as successful as that of printers. Thank you in advance for your helpfulness in working with the students.