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From the printing house: Focus on communication

Text: Lenka Ďurišová

Last October, as part of the strategy, we all took part in a company-wide communication survey.

This allowed us to visualize a dense and interconnected network of contacts across the entire printing house. We know where within FINIDR communication is going great and where we need to help so that always and everyone has the information they need and knows who to contact.

In this questionnaire, you have selected colleagues with whom you like to communicate most often and openly. In the language of the young generation, we can call them influencers in one word. 68% of them are executives, which shows that we are a company that can talk openly about problems. The same fact is proven by the result of another question where we asked what the most important source of information for you about changes and news in the company is. Most of you answered that it is your supervisor.

In February, workshops were held with this group of Finidrakers to put our one-sentence strategy into everyday practice. And why at all? Because having a dialogue on this topic across FINIDR is a priority for us. As you know very well, communication in personal and professional life is essential and it is necessary to constantly work on it. So thank you again for taking part in the company-wide survey!