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From the printing house: Stock inventory

Text: Jakub Jurczok

Due to the fact that I was asked if I would temporarily take over the warehouse during the absence of the new warehouse manager, at the end of the year the inventory of stock also “fell” on me. I found it an interesting challenge.

Prior to the inventory, several meetings were held with the purchasing, IT, economics and warehouse departments. At these meetings we went through the instructions and a test version of the inventory in SyteLine. It is our internal information system that covers all operations in the company. The physical part of the inventory took place on 21 and 22 December.

The physical part means the beeping of QR codes, which we use to mark pallets with paper and cardboard. The reports and applications that make this possible are the creation of our IT department, which, although constantly overwhelmed with requests, cooperated perfectly for this event. They also tirelessly answered my many questions. Overhead materials such as ribbons, capitals, glues, and other items needed to produce the book are inventoried manually. This means that a comparison is made between the system and the actual stock of materials. In practice, this means that each individual pallet needs to be “tipped” and the actual quantity for the unpacked pallets needs to be determined.

To give you an idea: the physical inventory took a total of 17 hours and involved 18 people. There were 2 975 types of items to go through.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone involved for their responsible and high quality work.