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About us: How satisfied you are

Justyna Malik
Production machinist, operator on folding machines

After three months at the company, I can confidently say that I am very satisfied with my experience here. The atmosphere in the team is friendly and supportive, and co-workers are always willing to help.

I also appreciate the company’s approach to employee development. Working for this company is very rewarding and I am excited about what the future holds. I see the potential for further growth and I hope that the partnership will continue in a positive direction.

Dominika Malik
production machinist, laminator

At the beginning of my work, I was positively surprised by the friendly atmosphere and friendly attitude of the staff. Even though I have only been working here for three months I already know I will enjoy my work. The employees in the company are very nice and polite, they are always helpful, what is very important for me. I think that further years of working at FINIDR will bring me satisfaction and the atmosphere will continue to be as friendly as it has been so far.